How it Started

     Kena Etheredge is an entrepreneur and fashion connoisseur who proudly owns and operates Jeakesona's Boutique. Hailing from Aiken, South Carolina, Kena possesses an innate talent for fashion and has nurtured her aspirations of becoming a renowned fashion designer since her formative years. With an unwavering determination to excel in the industry, she embarked on a journey to Atlanta, Georgia, after completing high school to pursue her fashion career.
     Kena's pursuit of excellence led her to esteemed educational institutions such as Bauder College, American International University for Fine Arts, and Grand Canyon University. These institutions served as the breeding ground for her artistic growth, allowing her to refine her fashion design skills and foster collaborations with local designers, costume designers, photographers, and stylists. 
     In 2019, Kena encountered a personal dilemma when she struggled to find an outfit perfectly aligned with her style and size for a significant event. This encounter inspired the inception of Jeakesona's Boutique. Since its establishment in June 2021, the boutique has flourished under Kena's visionary leadership, offering a diverse collection of Jeakesona's designs and curated selections from renowned brands. Moreover, Kena extends her expertise as a personal stylist, wardrobe stylist, and personal shopper, ensuring that her services cater to women of all sizes, particularly those with curvy figures like herself.
     Through unwavering faith in her abilities and a deep-rooted belief in the divine, Kena embarked on this entrepreneurial venture, propelled by her passion for fashion and commitment to providing exceptional experiences for her clientele. Since the launch of Jeakesona's Boutique, Kena's unwavering dedication has driven her forward.
     Notably, Kena's expertise extends beyond the boundaries of her boutique, as she demonstrates her exceptional skills as a stylist for film productions such as "Christmas in Miami" and "A Place in the Dark," where she contributed her keen eye for fashion and meticulous attention to detail. Her contributions to the world of film exemplify her versatility and dedication to her craft.